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Rarely do I get the opportunity to work with an artist outside the digital medium.  Even rarer is when that artist is my brother.  His choice of mediums are eclectic to say the least, ranging from steel rebar to chalks.

The piece below began as a concept he had done a few years back as a wood burning on an antique ski.  I wish I had a higher resolution pic of the ski so you could see the detail involved. I took me eight months to complete my version.  I've placed a larger version back in Gallery 2.

Short of some of the stuff I've done for the "Real Job" this might be the largest personal piece I've done as it measures a whoppin' 80" tall.

If you're interested in deep sea fishing, sport fishing, & nautical art, contact Brother John at JohnGDorton@hotmail.com

Click here to see the larger version of my art.

Click here to see the larger version of my art.

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